Please note that my work is recovery orientated and that I cannot treat individuals that require detox or residential treatment post detox. For this I am happy to assist you in the process of finding a suitable residential treament facility in Cape Town that will best service you or your loved one through this stage of recovery.

Vaughan Pankhurst

Private Counsellor in Cape Town

083 415 7804

Take the first step on your path to recovery and I will safely guide you the rest of your way.

I operate a private practice based in Cape Town directly tailored to your needs in overcoming past trauma and the many associated behaviours such as substance addictions, depression, anxiety and chronic stress.

"Don’t ask why the addiction - ask why the pain?”. Gabor Mate MD

Please feel free to get in touch with me on 083 415 7804 for a free telephonic assessment.

Video Guide To Complex Trauma

Complex Truma