Personal Recovery & Trauma Treatment

My work in residential clinical practice led me to the personal realisation that I needed to stop working with cases, patients in a procedural format and start working with people in their life circumstances. In complex trauma treatment, the therapist's role should be a collaborative part of the working dynamics of the individual. Husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and in the life circumstances from where they must still be able to function.

With the prevalence of complex trauma in South Africa. Residential clinical treatment is rarely appropriate and often quite impractical. In the majority of these circumstances, treatment of unresolved trauma and emotional transformation should happen whilst facing the reality of your daily life and not being sheltered from real-life circumstances.

This trauma treatment project seeks to non-judgementally streamline the therapeutic attributes of complex trauma treatment by dispensing with naming conventions and protocols and to actively help people deal with their trauma and emotionally transform, whilst still engaged in their active lifestyles.

About My Approach

My approach to therapy then adjusted to focus on the individual needs and became collaborative in the sense that I work directly with clients in the context of their day to day lives in order to find practical and realistic solutions to their personal recovery.

The goal of trauma-based therapy is about the transformation process from a state of emotional discomfort to a state of emotional ease and parity.

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Learning More About Complex Trauma in Your Life

I have curated some video content on this site that speaks directly to understanding the reasons so many of us fall into self-destructive patterns of depression, anxiety, addiction and a broad range of negative emotional relationships due to unresolved trauma.

These videos will not change those patterns, however, they will provide you with some insights as to why your mind "responds" and "acts out" when faced with certain situations. In summary, these videos explain how trauma-based behaviours are fueled by what responses to complex trauma can cause such distress in adult life.

How Learning About Complex Trauma Will Help You?

Complex trauma embeds into your daily life without you even knowing. This series will enable you to learn to free yourself from it. Once freed from complex trauma and you are literally a new person. Able to look at your life, family, relationships and most importantly yourself finally through a lens that is not distorted by your past. You will begin to experience your life for what it is and not just a relentless task of daily survival.

Complex Truma

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I operate a private practice based in Cape Town directly tailored to your needs in overcoming past trauma and the many associated behaviours such as substance addictions, depression, anxiety and chronic stress.

"Don’t ask why the addiction - ask why the pain?”. Gabor Mate MD

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Video Guide To Complex Trauma

Complex Truma