About Trauma Treatment

The content of this site speaks directly to understanding the reasons so many of us fall into self-destructive patterns of depression, anxiety, addiction and a broad range of negative emotional response patterns in relationships and our day to day life.

These videos will not change those patterns, however, they will provide you with the insight as to why your mind "responds" and "acts out" when faced with certain situations. In summary, these videos simply explain how behaviours are fueled by what are actually natural brain responses to complex trauma that causes such distress and incredibly complex emotional turmoil in adult life.

How This Will Help You?

Any kind of therapy or personal learning process is hardly something that is fun, however, understanding the content on this site is the bedrock to rapid personal growth from trauma.

Complex trauma embeds into your daily life without you even knowing. This site will enable you to learn to free yourself from it. Once freed from complex trauma and you are literally a new person. Able to look at your life, family, relationships and most importantly yourself finally through a lens that is not scratched or distorted by your past. You will begin to experience your life for what it is and not in a relentless spiral or pure survival.

How Do You Do This?

Like with anything there has to be a commitment to self-improvement. In this case, there is no cost, the cost here is only your time and patience for getting through the complex trauma series list on the right with an open mind and self-reflecting on the points as they are presented in the context of your own life. Of course, some things will resonate directly with you and others will not, such is the nature of these things.

The commitment here is only to sit through the "boring stuff" and to question yourself on if, how and why these topics do or don't resonate with you.

Make it a daily commitment to digest and reflect on each video. Spend the rest of the day with the videos topics in the back of your mind and understanding how they may or may not be impacting or influencing your day to day life now and then draw upon your own conclusions.

The punch line is that you have absolutely nothing to lose and many things to gain, there is a wealth of incredible information here. There are no rights and wrongs, only understandings and growth.

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