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For over forty years now I have been assisting people to overcome addictions and come to terms with the past trauma that they have suffered. I initially trained to be a private crisis intervention counsellor, then a private addictions counsellor and finally a specialist in the field of overcoming past trauma.

The course of my career led me into founding and therapeutic roles in some of Cape Town's most prestigious private addiction treatment centres and projects, yet, my real passion is in being a personal counselling change catalyst using talk therapy to help individuals like you to meaningfully resolve past trauma experiences and lead a whole life in recovery.

The Link Between Trauma & Addiction

There are two different kinds of trauma that frequently result in addiction based behaviours, depression, anxiety and chronic stress.

  1. The first is simplex trauma or more commonly called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and this generally relates to a one-time or singular traumatic event such as a severe car accident, robbery, hijacking and sexual violation.
  2. The other is complex Trauma (CPTSD) is also called developmental trauma and describes exposure to multiple traumatic events - often of an invasive, interpersonal nature and the wide-ranging, long-term effects of this exposure that can even last over a lifetime.

These traumatic events frequently cause severe and often highly pervasive after-effects that emerge in later life in the form of "disorders" or "responses" that can potentially result in disruptive or destructive behaviours that require personal counselling and care to resolve.

Is Past Trauma Still Holding You Back?

Many people in South Africa grow up in homes where their caretakers' struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, personality disorders or were bullied, verbally or sexually abused or were the victim of many childhood situations where they were not safe, cared for, validated, supported and / or made to feel outcasts in their family or society.

The list of adverse childhood experiences and circumstances is virtually endless, the point is that disturbing events can all leave permanent memories that may continue to disrupt emotional stability in through adult life. This is why personalised therapy can be so powerful for treatment as it permits people to get to the root causes in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

What I have found over the years is that trauma survivors still have a remarkable ability to re-stabilise their emotional wellbeing provided they receive appropriate counselling guidance achieved through my online private addiction counselling practice based in Cape Town.

Those seemingly "long-forgotten" events, leave deep emotional scars, while the threat of the event may be gone, people living with trauma re-play those moments over and over to present actions and needlessly re-live their damaged past in new present situations that are seemingly beyond their control.

The incredible part of my work as an online trauma counsellor in Cape Town, South Africa is in simply helping people break through those destructive cycles and finally find their states of peace again. Acknowledge and move forward with a new and realistic purpose.

Thankfully once you know and understand what is going on, you are also able to stop, assess and heal. Using talk therapy you reflect and heal working through the subconscious and growing to understand the patterns that are repeating to hold you back.

No magic formula to trauma recovery or addiction recovery, personal therapy simply helps you find your path to recovery faster.

How we each deal with, adapt and heal our lives from emotional trauma is as absolutely unique as each person who walks this earth.

Yet when you start working on and solving your trauma, the rest of life's puzzle pieces will start to fall back into place.

How Complex Trauma May Feature in Your Life

In complex trauma there is an ongoing feeling that something bad is going to happen. The goal of counselling and therapy in these situations is to help you to re-connect with your emotions and to learn better ways to deal with upsetting events.

Addiction based disorders are in a great many cases directly attributable to the inability to cope with complex and often sub-conscious emotional disparity coupled with a sense of loss, something missing. These emotional disparities further fuel the need to self soothe using substances that provide an effective temporary relief.

The latest research is showing that symptoms of CPTSD are amongst others stress (hypervigilance), low self-esteem, excessive co-dependent behaviours, relationship issues, depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, Borderline and Narcissistic personality disorders as well as the development of addictions or Substance Use Disorders.

If you feel that your life is out of control because of the excessive use of alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or shopping, you are most likely struggling with the compounding effects of complex trauma and I would sincerely like to help you. My private counselling practice based in Cape Town is informal and centres around you as an individual.

I work with both heterosexuals as well as gay individuals. Where necessary I also host couples and family therapy and focused group sessions.

Vaughan Pankhurst

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Take the first step on your path to recovery and I will safely guide you the rest of your way.

I operate a private practice based in Cape Town directly tailored to your needs in overcoming past trauma and the many associated behaviours such as substance addictions, depression, anxiety and chronic stress.

"Don’t ask why the addiction - ask why the pain?”. Gabor Mate MD

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